Stitching her future

Suguna's story

Fabric, Thread, Lace, for Suguna Kumari, these simple materials have given her an opportunity to craft a better future. Suguna Kumari came into our Airport Road Home in 1975. She fondly remembers Helen Aunty, Mrs. Mira Pinto of the Home – who shaped her to be what she is today. “I learnt everything from Cheshire Home”. Visitors and friends of the Home love Suguna Kumari’s creations.

Having lost her mother at six years old, she lived with her grandmother who introduced her to Cheshire Homes. From then onwards, she has stayed at the Airport Road and gradually moved to the Whitefield Home.

Though she has her brother and other close family members in Andhra Pradesh, Suguna Kumari will not leave the Home. She says, “If I go home to stay permanently, I will stand out as different because everyone works there and only I cannot go to work. However, at the Home, I enjoy being myself.”