Follow your bliss

Salomi's story

Salomi has a natural flair for music. She can tap her toes and sway her body to any music. At 82- years, she can beat a youngster. Salomi’s desire for music and dance is a constant topic of conversation among the residents.

Born to poor parents, Salomi had studied only up to Class 4. Married at an early age, she lost her husband when her two children were very young. While working as a cook, she ensured her children were well-fed and educated. But when they grew up, they deserted her. So, it was a stroke of luck that she found Cheshire Homes and worked as a cook. She is with us for the past 18 years. She cannot cook now, but she does know that she will be looked after with love until her last breath.

If Salomi is not singing, you could spot her making paper bags along with the rest of the residents. Her mantra to a good life is “Be happy.”