Progressing silently

Sahana's story

For Sahana, the world may be silent. But her dreams and aspirations are loud and clear. Sahana came to the Home in 2011. From the day she walked into our Home, we sensed her extraordinary talents. Today Sahana is 19 years old. Sahana got the all-rounder award in 7th standard at Shiela Kothawala Institute for the Deaf together with a cash award of Rs 3,000.

Sahana has beautiful handwriting and maintains all her books neatly. The afterschool tuition supported by the Home, Yoga sessions and motivational talks by volunteers has proven its worth for Sahana.

In between eating Dosa, which is her favourite food, she signs about her dreams “I want to study and complete my degree. After that, I want to plan what I want to be”. And she runs to join her friends for a game of badminton. As Sahana aims to hit the shuttlecock, you cannot miss noticing the self-confidence that she has gained over the years.

Back home in Chikamagalur, Sahana has her parents and a sister.

Sahana passed out of Sheila Kothavala Institute for Deaf with 1st class and is now pursuing higher education in Commerce in Adarsha college.