Our Founder

Our Founder

Inspiring a Group Our Founder was an aviator, author, spokesperson and humanitarian, Group Captain Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire, an Englishman and India lover, was instrumental in inspiring a group of philanthropists and volunteers to set up the formerly known as ‘Bangalore Cheshire Home’ in 1961.

Born in 1917, Group Captain Leonard Cheshire originally trained as a lawyer, but opted to serve the British Royal Air Force at the break of the Second World War. His extraordinary service of courage, bravery, leadership and innovation marked him out for several awards including the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious gallantry award.

He left RAF in 1946 to engage in charity work for the rest of his life. His mission to tend the sick, the disabled and the terminally ill began when he took into his own home a man who was terminally ill with cancer. In 1948, he initiated the charity known as Leonard Cheshire Disability.

In 1961, Group Captain Cheshire played a key role in starting the previously known Bangalore Cheshire Home. Between 1961 and 1984, he visited the Home six times. Cheshire Homes have kept the tradition of senior defence officers continuing to serve in active capacities and support this charitable programme started by a fellow defence officer.

In 1991, he was given the life peerage as Baron Cheshire. He passed away in 1992, at the age of 74.