On a different path now

Kamala's story

“A police officer who knocked our doors on 3rd September 2012 was with a child who was dragging herself on the floor. She looked lost and clueless. Her persistent smile was striking,” says Mrs. Rani Murthy, the former Secretary of Cheshire Homes India, Bangalore.

“I found her begging on the road and had sent her to a remand home. After hearing about your Home, I thought this is the best place for this child,” said the Police Officer. From then onwards, Kamala became part of us.

Affected by polio, she had a defective hip for which she had corrective surgery for her hip at the Manipal Hospital. Though she began schooling at Seventh Day Adventist School, she was a slow learner. The school advised us to admit her to a special school.

Kamala attended Cottolengo, a special school in Whitefield and stays at our Whitefield Home. Kamala is happy and is a pet among the elders. She seems to enjoy all that she would have missed in her early childhood. Presently volunteers are helping Kamala academically, and she is attending physiotherapy session to improve her mobility.