My life is beautifull

Bhuvaneshwari's story

Cheshire Homes gave me the most precious gift of my life – education.  As a child I was fond of reading and writing, scribbling alphabets on our walls and in my brother’s notebooks.  However, my parents could not find a school that would take me in with my disability, even though my mother offered to stay close to the class the whole day.

I was the youngest at the Home when I moved in and everyone showered their love towards me. I had the schooling at the Seventh Day Adventist school and graduated from Mount Carmel college in 2004. I got a job with Dell through campus recruitment.  I have moved on since then; today I work with IBM, as a Deputy Manager.

Meeting Aslam, my husband was another critical aspect of my life. We are now happily married. The milestones in my life though may sound seemingly small, yet for me, they are precious and wouldn’t have been possible if not for the Cheshire Homes.   I am a life member of Cheshire Homes and also on the management committee representing the residents.