Finds her rainbow

Dhanushree's story

This smart yet down to earth 16 years old has several platters on her hands. When she is not thinking about colours, she would be preparing for thought-provoking debates. Adding to her collection of medals and trophies, Dhanusree won 1st prize in a debate competition titled “Painkiller- Hope or Tragedy.”

Hailing from Puducherry, Dhanusree lost her mother when she was very young. Her aunt brought her to Bangalore soon after her mother’s death. It was at that time, through word-of- mouth, Dhanusree came into our Home when she was only four years old. Born with a disability in both her legs, Dhanusree couldn’t walk at ease. Corrective surgery performed with the support of Manipal Hospital has helped her to walk comfortably. Brushing aside her pain when she strains, she actively takes part in dancing and sports, winning laurels. She completed her schooling with I class and is pursuing her studies with Science subjects in National College. Dhanushree is very fluent with sign language and hence is a bridge for communication with the hearing impaired residents.

She loves spending time with her cousins and her father at Puducherry during the holidays.