Empowered and independent

Ashwatha's story

Ashwatha came to our Home in June 1968 and fell in love with the place. “My life changed at that moment,” she says, going down memory lane to about 50 years back. She learned to use a wheelchair; tailoring and life skills and dreamed of building a disabled-friendly house where she could live independently, hire staff or two, and start a training facility for Physically Disabled Girls.

After eight years in 1976 she left Cheshire Homes and despite requests from the staff not to leave, she went back home to pursue her dreams. Unfortunately, things took a sour turn, and she became depressed.

Eventually, 20 years after leaving the Cheshire Homes, she came back to us in 1997 and the management welcomed her. She moved out again in 2010 and is now leading an independent life.